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Jacobean Style Dining Room

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This dining room was part of a large project we started in June 2018 for George Bond Interior Design, and just recently completed it this month.

It was part of a large 4 story Jacobean mansion in Durham UK which we have fully decorated from top to bottom.

This room alone took us approximately 200 hours to decorate from start to finish.

This is our story of how we achieved the finished Dining room as shown below. (Press play)


How we did it.........

Before we started, the room was already panelled by a previous owner with MDF and painted a light colour, but the room had no character.

We sanded all the panelling using our dustless sanding system as the panelling was in very poor condition.

The joiner then added new angled beading to the outer edge of all the panels and created a diamond effect to the lower panels to give the walls more definition.

When all the joinery was complete we primed & prepared all the new timber beading to the walls & ceiling.

The ceiling & coving was painted white, and then the room was ready for some colour.


First of all we had to paint the beading on the ceiling by hand because the flat of the ceiling was slightly textured and no masking tape would adhere to it, it was was quite time consuming but we achieved some nice sharp lines with the gold paint.

The next step was to start applying the red satin paint to the panels.

This paint was by Zoffany.

This took in total 4 coats of the red satin paint to achieve a solid colour.

Then it was time to apply the low tack masking tape.

Masking tape had to be used because of the design of the beading against the panelling.

In total it took approximately 40 hours to apply the masking tape to the whole room.

The gold paint was then applied to the beading. This required 3 coats of paint for a solid finish.

The masking tape was then carefully removed and any uneven edges were tidied up by hand to give nice sharp lines.


This was one of the most challenging rooms i have decorated in my 31 years of decorating.

The end result was well worth the effort and once the room was carpeted and dressed it looked stunning.

I'm sure you will agree the room certainly looks great.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and keep an eye our for more blogs coming soon from this Jacobean Mansion project.



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