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Dulux Select Panel Meeting- Onwards & Upwards

Well after 25 years of being a member of Dulux Select Decorators and putting myself forward to become a panel member I was offered the chance to take part looking after Scotland & Northern Ireland to which I gladly accepted.

Now did I know what this involved?

Kind of, I knew part of my job is to help any members of my region with any problems and queries they had, and also to pass on any ideas that would benefit the scheme.

I would also have to be active in answering member’s questions/concerns from the surveys, possibly adding to new questions in future surveys and lots more.

And I know I am here to help this great scheme move forward with input from myself, Vickie Mather, other panel members and most importantly you the members.

The old guard meets the new

Firstly can I say a massive thank you to Steve Dove, Des Cass, Richard Reece, Georgie Baker, Sean Wilkinson, Steve Trebilcook & Simon Medlin for the great job they done in the past few years working with Dulux Select as panel members. It was great to meet up with them and see the enthusiasm they still have for Dulux Select, all true figure heads and I’m sure they will still have lots of input and engagement in the future.

The new panel members are myself, Andrew Sheasby, Rob Whyte, Emma Cullen, Gabor Kondor, Steven Luxford, John Green with Steve Trebilcook & Simon Medlin staying on with us for another year.

It was nice to meet the new panel and see the same passion they have as I have for Dulux Select, it really shows in the ideas they want to bring forward. Rest assured you’re in good hands.

The Meeting

This was held at the Dulux Academy in Slough on 27th March 2023, this was my first visit and wow I was blew away by all the training facilities they have, it’s a really great set up and I hope to use it someday.

The day consisted of going through the latest survey results and planning an action plan from the survey results, discussing the new marketing strategy/homeowner awareness, member events and membership reviews to name but a few and of course drinking lots of coffee.

One of the many topics was how to get the members who haven’t done so yet, to update their profile page on the Dulux Select website, I can’t emphasize how important this.

Online Member Profiles

We reviewed a number of areas as if we were a customer and it’s disappointing to see so few updated with information. The investment of a new platform was a key milestone for the scheme but the lack of displayed information is damaging the customer experience.

All our promotional activity drives homeowners to this site. While Dulux Select Decorators is not a lead generation scheme we do drive traffic to this site which has seen a number of our members convert into work. These are the first place a customer will look when seeing the new advert. Our ask is that you review and add content to your profile as soon as possible.

Support is available to assist you in updating your profile including the attached ‘How to Guide’. For information on what can and can’t be uploaded please refer to section 16 in your Membership Rules. Please contact the office if you need further support on adding content to your profile.

Profiles with no information at the end of March will be hidden on the site to not damage the customer experience when looking for a local Dulux Select Decorator.

There is a ‘How to’ file attached to the recent email sent by your panel member, if you haven’t received it, please get in touch and someone is only happy to help.

What now? & what can you do?

The new panel members will be in touch with each other regularly to work on feedback from the survey and work on ideas moving the scheme forward, be it working on public awareness, decorators awareness (plans to make membership larger), member support, training support etc.

We would also like more input from members, that’s YOU, this is your scheme and we would love any ideas, even the smallest idea that could improve this great organisation.

If you have any ideas, problems or questions just ask your panel member, if you’re unsure who that is let me know and I will find out for you.

Keep up the good work being part of this elite decorating organisation.

Gary Marsh

Gary Marsh Quality Decorators

Panel Member for North East England, Scotland & Northern Ireland

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